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Family issues for the modern family

December 27th 2006 10:29
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The following is extracted from the beginning of an article written by two authors, as shown.

The balance of the article appears in the link attached.

Do you think these are particularly relevant and give a clear solution for modern day problems or are these issues just the tiny tip of the iceberg?

Notwithstanding that, just how far do you think we are from finding suitable solutions?


July 31, 2006 — Over-the-top teens like lazy A.J. Soprano and "Desperate Housewives" angst-ridden Andrew and impulsive Danielle reflect our culture's convictions that teens are angry, oversexed risk-takers.

So 17-year-old Ali Nepola, who's at the top of her class, cross-country team captain, a competitive dancer, and popular and well behaved to boot, doesn't quite fit the stereotype. According to new research, Ali's self-control may be the key to her success.

"She's got a lot of self-control and knows her limitations and knows her strengths and weaknesses," says Cathy Nepola, Ali's mom.

Grazyna Kochanska, a professor at the University of Iowa, has tracked Ali and more than 300 other kids for almost 20 years to gauge how their ability to delay gratification and exert self-control affects their lives.

"Self-control is generally considered a very good thing," Kochanska says. "In our own research, this capacity has clearly been associated with positive aspects of social development."

the full article

I hope you find this article helpful and that you have some opinions about these issues yourself.

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6 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Mrs M

December 27th 2006 11:07
Great article katyzzz. A psychologist friend of mine said that some research she read stated that personalities are pretty much set by the age of around 5 or so. With that in mind, learning self control would be difficult to do in the teen years.

I'm not quite sure what to believe. Surely humans can be "retrained" to have more self control.

Interesting post.

Love & stuff
Mrs M

Comment by katyzzz

December 27th 2006 21:24
Lovely to see your bright M, Mrs. M.,

Ideas have changed about personality and temperament, apparently it is now recognised that these can change and vary throughout life.

It's good to think that those children not so fortunate as others up to 5 years of age still have a chance at a sound and happy future.

Glad you appreciated the article,

katyzzz...oops, forgot,....Love and stuff.

Comment by Lilla

December 28th 2006 00:03
Hi Katyzzz,

Great post, great article, great truth here.... as a mother of teenage girls, I can vouch for the many that do not meet the oversexed, angry risk-taking section of society and agree. Parenting is important... let's face it, the hardest thing we'll ever do is stand up and lives can change at any age… even without parents though... my own is a classic example of how a life can be transformed through love.

Thanks for sharing Katz

Comment by katyzzz

December 28th 2006 00:48

Did you know there's a cat's blog here. Her name is Camilla, she is black.


Comment by Lilla

December 28th 2006 01:11
Sorry Katyzzz, I don't quite get it but I'm rushing out the door... taking daughter (2) to see Happy Feet... will check back later for this post...

Have an inspired day ...


Comment by katyzzz

December 28th 2006 04:44

It's listed under new blogs plus there's a current post.

The cat is black and writes the blog herself, you should be able to find it easily enough.

I think it will be both entertaining and delightful and will lift the spirits,


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