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Orble's re-arrangements

November 26th 2014 07:43
google orble blogging money satisfaction

Have you noticed that photographycraft has now been changed to Bird Stories or
some such.

And for those who have/had more than one blog the stats are disappearing, so what has happened to those blogs which we ourselves have prepared.

The vital ALL page has blogs disappearing almost as soon as they arrive, other days they sit there 'forever' so it seems.

Camera sense is listed as an Orble blog.

But pleasingingly some diehards have been looked after, 'quirky' appears regularly and why not, she has a really individual approach and all her stuff is original.

Do keep your eyes open as I reveal what many of you do need to know, especially those newcomers who simply wait for their big moment, one with little chance of arriving I might add, and meanwhile providing their services for free advertising, which we can blame Google for as much as Orble I suspect.

For those of you who are content, I say "Happy Blogging" enjoy it while it lasts. But you may do better on facebook and actually attract some comments, and maybe PAY.

I'd like to see a post on that for I have no knowledge of it and do not wish to get involved.


Orble's fiddling

November 25th 2014 08:14
orble google posts blogging front page
The big Orble

Have you noticed the front page lately and wondered why you are just not there.

Orble have a new scheme going, Orble's staff and a few others make the front page automatically and even when the rest of us make it, we are given the 20 necessary to get there so late it does not do us much good.

Of course, Orble communicates with none of us, 'also rans', so it does make it difficult for most of us to know what is going on.

If you put yoursefl out and comment on someone else's post ( but choose wisely) there are some ornery Orbler's around here, willingness to share is not highly rated, you just might attract a comment to your site which will make you front page news and more likely to attract a few of Google's dollars ( oops, I meant cents)

But I can tell you this, Orble likes new and after new they like original content, which is fair enough, but the time taken to prepare such posts is hardly profitable.

Especially when one is competing on a less than equal footing.

James got there but he really deserves it, writing original content and of a unique nature, and the odd handout is given to long time Orblers, like myself. But you know how much I make, I tell you.

The rest of the front page shrieks of Orble's staff and deeds with a preponderace of newcomers.

Funny about that.

At least this is original, let's see how I do.


A Potent Pain Reliever

November 24th 2014 13:01

pain relief posture sitting olympics

Have a relentless ache in your body that you just can't shake? If you're like most people, your go-to option for pain relief is probably an over-the-counter medicine. While pain relievers have their benefits, practicing these moves each day may give you another smart way to keep pain in check.

A Surprisingly Powerful Drug-Free Pain Reliever
By Mehmet C. Oz, MD, and Michael F. Roizen, MD

any part of your body is making you go, "Ouch!" try this: Improve your posture. No, we're not talking about sitting up straight like your mother told you to (though that might not hurt).

We mean: Do something more expressive. Think confident and showy. Act like a peacock spreading its feathers -- and take up more space. When you assume an expansive, powerful position, you actually change your hormone levels. It boosts testosterone, which helps with pain tolerance, and decreases cortisol, a major stress hormone. Acting powerful makes you feel powerful, more in control, and better able to cope with any physical (or emotional) hurt that life throws your way.

Make Yourself Large as Life
Next time your bum knee acts up or your boss goes on a tear or your mate ticks you off, don't roll into a miserable ball. Take a breath, then make like your favorite Olympian winning gold, or LeBron scoring a winning basket. Try it!

If arm pumping feels like a bit much, here are some subtler poses that will help you radiate confidence and push back against pain:

Stand tall, not hunched forward, with your head lined up over your shoulders, hips, and ankles. (Can poor posture cause back pain?)
When you sit, look for a chair with armrests. Plant your arms wide on them, so your chest opens up, signaling assurance to yourself and others.
Standing or sitting, keep your hands relaxed, not clenched, clasped together or held to your chest, so they're free to make bold gestures.
Now you're more in control of your pain and your life!


Arthritis-Fighting Eats

November 24th 2014 09:08

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November 22nd 2014 20:01

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November 22nd 2014 10:55

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November 22nd 2014 10:47

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Stop Metabolic Syndrome Now

November 21st 2014 23:28

Are You Getting Enough Folate?

November 19th 2014 22:15

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