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3 Foods That Fight Aging

March 28th 2015 05:54

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3 Foods That Fight Aging

Ready to boost your brain health and ensure your ticker keeps going strong for years to come? It's time to take your anti-aging plan to a whole new level. And the secret to a long, healthy life could be hiding in a place you least expect -- your kitchen! See which three superfoods may protect you against the signs of aging.

3 Superfoods for a Long Life
By Mehmet C. Oz, MD and Michael F. Roizen, MD

Prevent dementia, clear your arteries, and live longer with this trio of great-for-you edibles: apples, pecans, and fish!

That's right. You can get triple the anti-aging benefits when you make these 3 superfood staples in your diet:

Apples for a longer life. Another reason to eat one each day: Well-washed apples are full of cell-protecting plant substances called polyphenols that increase life spans by 10 percent in the lab. Apples could help you live longer, too. Why? Polyphenols neutralize free radicals that would otherwise damage your DNA in ways that accelerate aging. Stress less to protect your DNA from age-related damage.

Eat fish to fight dementia. Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, trout, and canned light tuna help reverse brain changes triggered by a gene that increases dementia risk. Because 15 percent of humans carry the gene, it's a great reason to eat these good fats every day. Do this 3 times a week to enhance memory and brain function.

Pecans for clean-as-a-whistle arteries. Turns out this tasty nut is rich in gamma-tocopherols, a type of vitamin E that works to keep lousy LDL cholesterol from clogging your arteries with plaque. Bad LDL levels fell 33 percent after people ate 3 ounces of pecans. At 600 calories, that's a lot of nuts. But you can still get benefits with less.


How to Dodge Dementia

March 25th 2015 09:38
brain dementia health self improvement

How to Dodge Dementia

Did you know diabetes may boost your risk for Alzheimer's? Learn why and find out more ways to curb cognitive decline.

How to Avoid Doubling Your Dementia Risk

If you're hoping to dodge age-related dementia down the road, best get a handle on your blood sugar now.

Both chronically high blood sugar (prediabetes) and diabetes increase the risk for Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. And that risk more than doubles if diabetes strikes in middle age rather than later in life.

Timing Matters
How does diabetes hurt cognition? Diabetes-induced inflammation and oxidative stress are two possible bad-for-your-brain effects. And when those effects happen in midlife rather than late life, the worse it may be for you. In a large study of adult twins, the two-fold dementia risk occurred when diabetes struck before, rather than after, the age of 65.

Lifestyle Matters
The take-home message: Whether you have normal blood sugar or diabetic levels, it's important to control it -- not just for your body, but for your brain, too. That means kicking to the curb any unhealthy habits, like a poor diet and excessive couch lounging.

Squeeze in a mini workout. It's good for your mind and your blood sugar, too. Just a few short workouts can lower your blood sugar.
Eat your bread. No, seriously. We mean it. Just make sure it's the right kind of bread.
Work your mind. Just like with other muscles, it's use it or lose it. An online word game that can boost your verbal dexterity.
RealAge Benefits

Reducing your risk of diabetes by losing excess weight can make your RealAge half a year younger for each year you have tight control of blood sugar and blood pressure.


brain games lumosity gaming words

If you are just a beginner and find you are not doing too well, or even if you think your scores need a boost try this little game - it's easy but can get more difficult depending on what you want to achieve.

But, an easy one for one and all, or even those not too familiar with the English language - you soon will be as you try to think of English words and their spelling and even three letter words will serve you well.

Verbal Fluency

Verbal fluency is the ability to rapidly retrieve words from your mental vocabulary.

Tips by Users

Shoot for the big words, then smaller.

I suggest if you are just a beginner you do just the opposite shoot for all the simple words and type them in as fast as you can.

As Lumosity suggests - type words that begin with the stems provided and that could be as easy as ca

to raise your ship as high as possible, yes sometimes it is all about the ship or some other object but do not let that deter you

You'll improve quite quickly with this game and it will give you a boost if you find yourself struggling with some of the other games.

You can even guess words and depending on your skill the word length determines which bubble rises.

An easy on for young and old.

But be quick, if you can and stretch your memory to remember as many words beginning with the stem as you can.

Let your brain connections grow, they will serve you well.


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