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Delicious Heart-Healthy Eats

July 7th 2014 23:51
food heart arteries health fitness

Lower High Blood Pressure with These Snacks

If your blood pressure inches into the uh-oh zone (anything over 124/84 makes your RealAge substantially older and increases your chances of suffering disabilities, impotence, and wrinkled skin), should you wait to see if it comes down by itself?

Wait-and-see wisdom isn't heart smart at any age, according to two reports we think should be must-reads in every doctor's office and at every kitchen table. Here's why:

If you ignore early blood pressure increases, you ignore heart damage. The first study explains how blood pressure "creep-up" in your 30s, 40s, or 50s enlarges your heart, even if you're otherwise healthy. This finding got a lot of attention at an international health meeting because so many docs still choose to "watch" rising blood pressure in middle-aged people whose overall risk for heart trouble looks low. You shouldn't do that -- and neither should your doc!

If you keep your blood pressure numbers healthy during middle age, you slash your risk for big trouble later on. The second study shows that high blood pressure at age 55 puts a guy's lifetime risk for a "heart event" at 70%, and a woman's risk at 50%. For both men and women, healthy blood pressure levels between the ages of 40 and 50 lower the odds for heart disease by nearly 50%.

Aim for what we docs recommend is the healthiest, heart-friendly blood pressure: 115/76. How? Reduce stress, eat smart, get plenty of physical activity, and enjoy these surprising, blood-pressure-lowering foods:

Purple Potatoes. These potatoes can lower your blood pressure numbers by a respectable 4%. Violet-hued potatoes are packed with anthocyanins, the same good-guy chemicals found in berries that rev up your body's artery-pampering antioxidant defenses. Pink, red, and blue potatoes contain them, too!
Raisins. Snack on these sweet nuggets instead of chips, cookies, or other processed stuff and you'll lower your blood pressure numbers by 5% to 10%. Raisins contain blood-pressure-friendly potassium, as well as fiber and beneficial compounds called polyphenols that keep artery walls flexible. That's good because stiff blood vessel walls raise blood pressure. For extra oomph, toss raisins in other blood pressure-friendly foods, such as oatmeal, salads, homemade banana bread, or plain, nonfat yogurt.

Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and cashew nuts. The healthy fat in walnuts keeps inflammation out of your arteries, and the magnesium in all these goodies can lower your systolic blood pressure reading (the top number, which reflects blood pressure at pumping time) by 3 to 4 points, and your diastolic blood pressure reading (bottom number, which reflects blood pressure at rest) by 2 to 3 points. Magnesium helps keep a lid on blood pressure by balancing levels of sodium and calcium in and around your cells. It also helps arteries chill out and relax. You'll get 150 milligrams (mg) of magnesium from an ounce of shelled pumpkin seeds and 81 mg in the same little handful of cashews. That's a good start toward the 400 mg to 500 mg of magnesium you need daily. Make sure your multivitamin contains at least 100 mg of magnesium to top off your tank.

Protein. Instead of that doughnut, reach for plain, nonfat Greek yogurt, leftover roast chicken, a slice of smoked salmon, or a handful of nuts. By doing so you may lower your systolic blood pressure number by 5 points and decrease your diastolic blood pressure number by one point. Protein keeps your blood sugar levels lower and steadier. Refined foods increase blood sugar, sending blood pressure along for the ride.

Dark chocolate. Pairing a square of dark chocolate with berries, orange sections, or your favorite fruit is like sending your arteries to a day spa. Eating a half ounce of dark chocolate regularly can drop your blood pressure numbers by 5 points -- enough to lower your risk for a heart attack or stroke by 20%. Credit the flavonols packed into dark chocolate. They boost production of artery-relaxing nitric oxide.

from: Real age


Worried About Thinning Lashes?

July 6th 2014 00:53

lashes beauty age beauty

When you think of getting older and how age affects the way you look, wrinkles are likely the first thing that comes to mind. Even if you’ve noticed that your eyelashes have thinned out considerably since you were a teenager, you probably don’t stop to think of the impact they make on your appearance. But guess what? While thin, sparse lashes certainly don’t sound as alarming as crow’s feet, they’re one of the single largest factors that determines how young (or old) you look.

You already know that your eyes account for one of the most defining features you’re working with. They convey happiness, they light up when you smile, and they simply radiate when you’re feeling great. Lashes only magnify your eyes’ power to captivate—just apply mascara to a single eye and look in a mirror from 10 feet away if you have any doubts when it comes to that! Long, lush eyelashes instantly “open” your eyes, making you look awake, young and vibrant.

Much like thinning hair, it’s not something that women typically talk about—but that doesn’t make it any less common. The vast majority of women will experience dramatic eyelash loss as the years go by. This loss can be exacerbated by certain medical conditions or behaviors, but regardless of genetic makeup, the lashes woman has to work with past the age of 40 versus the lashes she donned as a young woman are decidedly less lush.

The task of beautifying one’s eyelashes, of course, calls for mascara—that’s the obvious solution, anyway. While we’d never discredit the immediate effect this decades-old beauty failsafe can have on our appearance, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that how well any mascara works depends on the eyelashes on which you apply it. The beauty industry has taken note of this truth, and introduced “solutions” like eyelash extensions to help. But before you go down that road, beware: lash extensions will not only deplete your wallet, but the natural lashes you’ve got left, too. That they tend to last for no longer than 3 weeks or so and cause irreparable damage, which makes them one of the most expensive ideas we’ve heard of. To put it in better perspective: if you were to add monthly eyelash extensions to your beauty regimen, you’d be spending a lot more money on your looks. About an extra $2500 a year, to be exact.

With an eyelash enhancer like SmartLash (which requires no prescription and contains no harmful chemicals), you can, over time, achieve the look of naturally longer, lusher lashes. In fact, 93% of participants of an 8 week consumer perception study reported satisfaction with the appearance of their lash length and fullness after 28 days of use. That means you could be just one month away from having the lashes of a much younger looking “you.” Even better? SmartLash has been shown to work the same magic with brows. In a separate, 56-day clinical study, participants experienced a 197% increase in the appearance of eyebrow length, thickness and fullness. And it really couldn’t’ be any more simple to use. Twice a day, in the morning before you put on your makeup and at night after you take it off, you’ll simply apply SmartLash to your lash lines, just like you would apply eyeliner, and on your eyebrows, and patiently await its impactful results.

from: real age


Great computer deal

July 5th 2014 02:01

computers deal toshiba laptops

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Vain Men Have Poor Health

July 5th 2014 01:52

Snack to fuel your workout!

July 4th 2014 10:57


4 Great Foods for Your Bones

July 2nd 2014 01:23

As Google Adsense stands, ho hum!

July 1st 2014 22:38


The Science Behind Lumosity

June 28th 2014 06:48

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